The New GEF Portal

The GEF Secretariat has been working with its partners to upgrade its information technology platform to support the work of the Partnership. Actions include a major upgrade to the GEF Website, improved social media channels and online communication material to strengthen engagement with partners and stakeholders, and improved systems to monitor results and share information.

A key initiative in this effort is an upgrade to the GEF’s system to review and process project proposals, and to store data and documents related to their implementation. The new system, the GEF Portal, is planned to be operational at the onset of GEF-7, powered by a modern information technology platform.

The new Portal is designed to provide a user-friendly on-line interface to allow direct entry and review and approval of projects and programs proposed for funding by the GEF. It will contain several new and improved features, including: 

  • The ability to track actual results in the system against targeted results, based on a new platform for entering information during the project implementation phase;
  • The entry of geo-reference information to enhance the ability to display GEF project information through maps and other visual means;
  • A taxonomy and tags to support enhanced search capabilities;
  • A system to categorize all project and related documents and connect them to the GEF external website, while safeguarding confidential information;
  • The capacity to generate reports in user-friendly formats from the Portal database.
  • A dashboard view of status and trends across the entire project portfolio;

The updated templates (entry fields) in the Portal also will reflect updated GEF programming strategies as well as core GEF policy requirements and priorities, including on Gender Equality, Stakeholder Engagement, Results, and other areas. This will help ensure that project proposals are consistent with these strategies and requirements, in support of the GEF-7 programming and policy agenda.

Overall, the Portal is being designed to enable improved operational efficiency, better data quality, enhanced implementation of GEF Policies, and better capture of results data. It will also enhance transparency and public access to data and documents through the GEF website. The operational elements of the Portal are set for launch on July 1, 2018.

Media Contacts

Mr. Robert Bisset
Head of Communications
+1 202 458 5191

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