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Total Funding Received

Trust FundProject TypeNumber of ProjectsTotal FinancingTotal Co-Financing

STAR GEF-6 Allocation and Utilization (All amounts in US$)

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Cancelled Projects (39)

GEF_IDProject NameFocal AreaAgencyProject TypeGEF GrantCofinancing
120Terra Capital Biodiversity Enterprise Fund for Latin America (IFC)BiodiversityThe World BankFull-size Project$5,000,000$0
203Central American Fund for Environment and Development: Account for the Global Environment (FOCADES)BiodiversityUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$15,000,000$13,000,000
361Action for a Sustainable AmazoniaBiodiversityUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$3,850,000$700,000
924Balkans Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP)Climate ChangeThe World BankFull-size Project$6,000,000$0
1028Mainstreaming Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds into Key Productive Sectors along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway (Tranches 1 and 2)BiodiversityUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$6,243,243$4,490,232
1589Integrated Management of Dryland Biodiversity through Land Rehabilitation in the Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Mozambique, Zambia and ZimbabweBiodiversityUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeFull-size Project$7,497,958$5,593,842
2130Restoration, Protection and Sustainable Use of the Sistan BasinInternational WatersUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$2,000,000$10,100,000
2385First Regional Micro/Mini-Hydropower Capacity Development and Investment in Rural Electricity Access in Sub-Saharan AfricaClimate ChangeUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$15,158,620$19,545,000
2387National Communications Programme for Climate ChangeClimate ChangeUnited Nations Development ProgrammeEnabling Activity$58,649,302$1,546,966
2504CACILM: Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management Multi-country Partnership Framework Phase 1Land DegradationAsian Development BankFull-size Project$174,641$0
2619Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments for Climate Change MitigationClimate ChangeUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeFull-size Project$3,000,000$9,060,000
2688Integrated Ecosystem Management of the Gulf of FonsecaInternational WatersInter-American Development BankFull-size Project$5,000,000$15,690,000
2757SIP PROGRAM: Strategic Investment Program for SLM in Sub-Saharan Africa (SIP)Land DegradationThe World BankFull-size Project$1,893,673$0
2885Meso-American Barrier Reef System IIMulti Focal AreaThe World BankFull-size Project$6,340,000$17,500,000
3420PAS GEF Pacific Alliance for Sustainability Multi Focal AreaThe World BankFull-size Project$0$0
3423MENARID Integrated Nature Resources Management in the Middle East and North Africa Region (PROGRAM)Multi Focal AreaInternational Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentFull-size Project$0$0
3521Joint Actions to Reduce PTS and Nutrients Pollution in Lake Baikal through Integrated Basin ManagementInternational WatersUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$2,630,000$5,980,000
3549Tien Shan Ecosystem Development ProjectBiodiversityThe World BankFull-size Project$3,350,000$19,515,000
3647CTI The Coral Triangle Initiative (PROGRAM)Multi Focal AreaAsian Development BankFull-size Project$0$0
3756CF: Reducing Industry’s Carbon Footprint In South East Asia Through Compliance With a Management System for Energy (ISO 50,000) (PROGRAM)Climate ChangeUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationFull-size Project$0$0
3782CBSP: Strategic Program for Sustainable Forest Management in the Congo Basin Multi Focal AreaThe World BankFull-size Project$0$0
3785SPWA-BD: GEF Program in West Africa: Sub-component on Biodiversity BiodiversityThe World BankFull-size Project$0$0
3789SPWA-CC: GEF Strategic Program for West Africa: Energy Component (PROGRAM)Climate ChangeUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationFull-size Project$0$0
3810Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Study ProgramInternational WatersThe World BankFull-size Project$3,500,000$11,500,000
3977MED Mediterranean Environmental Sustainable Development Program "Sustainable MED" International WatersThe World BankFull-size Project$0$0
4089PAS: Energizing the Pacific Regional ProjectClimate ChangeThe World BankFull-size Project$3,600,000$0
4205MED: Regional Technical Assistance and Capacity Building for the Promotion of Treated Wastewater Reuse in the Mediterranean /MENA CountriesInternational WatersThe World BankFull-size Project$4,545,455$0
4236GHG Assessment Methodologies in Public TransportClimate ChangeAsian Development BankMedium-size Project$1,000,000$1,000,000
4487LME-AF Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Fisheries Management in the Large Marine Ecosystems in Africa (PROGRAM)International WatersThe World BankFull-size Project$500,000$135,000,000
4511GGW Sahel and West Africa Program in Support of the Great Green Wall InitiativeLand DegradationThe World BankFull-size Project$4,814,815$682,172,483
4620MENA - Desert Ecosystems and Livelihoods Program MENA-DELP) Multi Focal AreaThe World BankFull-size Project$3,025,557$154,824,500
4635LME-EA Scaling Up Partnership Investments for Sustainable Development of the Large Marine Ecosystems of East Asia and their Coasts (PROGRAM)Multi Focal AreaThe World BankFull-size Project$9,400,000$0
4638ASTUD Asian Sustainable Transport and Urban Development Program (PROGRAM)Climate ChangeAsian Development BankFull-size Project$0$153,842,000
4649GMS-FBP Greater Mekong Sub-region Forests and Biodiversity Program (PROGRAM) Climate ChangeAsian Development BankFull-size Project$0$0
4936EAS Reducing Pollution and Rebuilding Degraded Marine Resources in the East Asian Seas through Implementation of Intergovernmental Agreements and Catalyzed Investments (PROGRAM)International WatersUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$0$0
5131Enhancing Capacity to Develop and Manage Global Environmental Projects in the PacificMulti Focal AreaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeMedium-size Project$1,000,000$1,814,502
5395R2R- Pacific Islands Ridge-to-Reef National Priorities – Integrated Water, Land, Forest and Coastal Management to Preserve Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Store Carbon, Improve Climate Resilience and Sustain LivelihoodsLand DegradationUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$1,386,513$0
9886Economic Growth and Water Security in the Sahel through Improved Groundwater GovernanceInternational WatersThe World BankFull-size Project$13,577,982$104,000,000
10033Manas Integrated River Basin Management Project (M-IRBM)International WatersWorld Wildlife Fund - US ChapterFull-size Project$8,974,312$50,000,000

STAR GEF-5 Allocation and Utilization (All amounts in US$)

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RAF GEF-4 Allocation and Utilization Summary(All amounts in US$)

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RAF GEF-4 Projects in Biodiversity (All amounts in US$)

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RAF GEF-4 Projects in Climate Change (All amounts in US$)

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