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Jean-Marc Sinnassamy

Jean-Marc Sinnassamy joined the GEF Secretariat in November 2007.

He manages the project portfolio related to Sustainable Land and Forest Management for the whole Africa region and more recently the Indo-Malay Pacific region.

Prior to joining the GEF, Jean-Marc spent fourteen years working on environmental issues with various partners (bilateral cooperation, NGOs, university, consultancies) at the interface of decision makers, local communities, scientists, and site managers. Before coming to Washington DC, Jean-Marc spent four years as Technical Advisor to the Minister in Charge of the Environment in Benin, West Africa, providing a support to develop a national policy on spatial planning and facilitate a community based management project in the context of decentralization. Before working in Africa, Jean-Marc worked ten years in the Mediterranean on conservation issues. He was Program Coordinator for the Tour du Valat Private Foundation (Center for the research and conservation of Mediterranean wetlands), in charge of transferring the results from the research to decision makers and site managers.

He is co-author of many handbooks and articles on site management planning and associated themes. Jean-Marc holds a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Montpellier, France. 

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Africa regional team, SIDS regional team, SFM, land degradation, Food Security IAP Lead
GEF Secretariat - Programs Unit
Senior Environmental Specialist

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