GEF Kaleo

What is GEF Kaleo?

GEF Kaleo is an online knowledge sharing system that is powered by machine learning. It was built to provide a self-serve “question and answer” platform to service GEF partners and stakeholders  cross the globe. With GEF Kaleo, information is easy to discover and use. The knowledge in GEF Kaleo can be accessed 24/7 anywhere and whenever GEF partners need it. GEF Kaleo sits inside the GEF’s webpage and is accessible online via computers, tablets, or mobile devices. GEF Kaleo is a living knowledge-base that continues to grow as questions are asked and answered.

How does GEF Kaleo work?

GEF Kaleo responds to common questions about the GEF by providing reliable answers that are vetted by GEF experts and updated on a regular basis. Topics such as GEF policies and procedures are comprehensively covered in a way that is fast, bite-sized, and accurate. Using GEF Kaleo is faster than alternative methods, such as making multiple calls or inquiries, and the platform is accessible at any time, eliminating the need to manage time zones.

When a question is asked, GEF Kaleo responds back by listing curated answers to similar questions. Answers can contain text, links to documents, videos, photos, commentary, etc. If no answer is found in the existing GEF Kaleo Knowledge Base, the system routes the question to a GEF “expert” who can answer it. The user receives the expert’s response via email. The answer is then added to the GEF Kaleo Knowledge-base and becomes available for other users who submit a similar question. In this way, users assist in expanding the GEF Kaleo Knowledgebase.

Why GEF Kaleo?

GEF Kaleo should be the first place to turn to whenever one needs information about the GEF and its operations. It is the most efficient way to get the most accurate information as quickly as possible. Watch an introductory video on GEF Kaleo here.

Do you have GEF-related questions?

A user must first register in GEF Kaleo before he/she can ask questions and receive answers. Visit the GEF website and click on the GEF Kaleo search bar in the right lower corner of the webpage. You will be prompted to create your own account. For details, you can refer to the Guidelines for GEF Kaleo User. Starting with GEF-7, the GEF Kaleo will complete its pilot phase and launch into a full-fledged knowledge-based system which will cover issues from all focal areas, policy, operations procedures, and institutional matters.

Have a question? Ask GEF Kaleo.

GEF Kaleo enables GEF experts to provide quick and accurate answers to common questions posed by Council members, Convention Secretariats, Operational Focal Points, GEF Agencies, the GEF
Secretariat and the public.

Need further assistance?

Lily Uy Hale, GEF Kaleo Administrator

Ramon de Mesa, GEF Operations Officer

Yasemin Biro Kirtman, KM Coordinator

Media Contacts

Mr. Robert Bisset
Head of Communications
+1 202 458 5191

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