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To build back better, we need to rethink global subsidies

January 25, 2021

GEF CEO and Chairperson

Cabuyal beach in Costa Rica
Hopes of keeping global warming in check, saving our wild places and curbing future pandemics may rest on a global reset of spending priorities. Photo: Gianfranco Vivi/Shutterstock

In an article for the Davos Agenda 2021, GEF CEO and Chairperson Carlos Manuel Rodriguez says a renewed focus on easing pressures on nature through a green and blue recovery has breathed new life into upcoming negotiations on biodiversity loss, land degradation, ocean conservation, and climate change. He writes that the right kind of recovery package can offer employment as well as environmental promise, if governments pair reform of damaging subsidies with their support for sustainable industries and nature-based solutions such as reforestation.