Mali - Integrating Climate Resilience into the Agricultural Sector for Food Security in Rural Areas of Mali

November 26, 2012

Implementing Agency: FAO

LDCF Project Grant: 2,181,820 USD

The project aims to help farming communities prepare for increasing climate variability that is likely to have major impacts on vulnerable farming systems critical to agricultural production and food security in Mali. The project helps farmers to develop Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) strategies and tools using a two-pronged approach:

a)     Strengthening community-level capacity to explore and test new technologies and management methods through the existing and growing network of Farmers Field Schools (FFS)

b)    Mainstreaming climate change considerations into the agricultural sector planning at the national and provincial level

The project is underway in 30 municipalities (covering 3 agro-ecological zones), where farmers are testing and adopting more resilient crop varieties and cultivars. Prior to engaging in facilitated testing of new agronomic methods and genetic resources, community awareness of existing agricultural production methods is developed through participatory processes. By the end of the project an estimated 510,000 farmers, covering a region of 48,000 km2, will be more aware of the threats associated with climate change and will have developed and adopted adaptive management response strategies tailored to their needs.